Monday, 31 October 2011

31 Oct 2011 – Benimaurell

After a weekend of particularly heavy rain, we were delighted and more than a little relieved to be greeted with blue skies at the start of our walk
Just after we started the walk David received an urgent call on his mobile.   Jan and Wendy hardly notice as they carry on their conversation.
After the recent depressing weather it was lovely to be walking on such a lovely day, and in such a lovely area.
The first part of the walk is a long, but not too steep, climb on an old mosarabic trail.   After the recent rain the rocks were wet and slippery.  It was much warmer than of late, and we were ready for a short break when we finished the climb.
Lovely view of Baranco Inferno, another of our favourite walks in this area.
Our first banana stop was the abandoned village of  Juvees de D’Alt .  There has been some work carried out since our last visit, but the rubble left by the workmen made the old village look more abandoned and untidy than usual.
The second phase of the walk was up the long and winding road which leads to our old favourite the Green Horse.   We could not ignore the gathering clouds.
By the time we stopped for lunch the sky was quite grey, but still dry.  And without the sun it got a little chilly as we had our picnic.
This part of the walk is on a pretty good road surface, so we could walk side by side and even take our eyes off the path to admire the views of the mountains and distant coast
As we neared Benimaurell the skies cleared and the sun returned
Just in time for a welcome drink at the Bar Oasis

Next Week
A welcome return to the coast for our Granadella walk.   Meet as usual at the Hipica  in Combre del Sol at 1000.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

25 Oct 2011 - Castells Arch

After a night of heavy rain the walk was almost cancelled. However being “stoic brits” it was decided to carry on.   As we met at Castells the sky was grey and overcast, but we were still smiling!
The paths are much better than last week, we could even take our eyes off the track to look at the scenery
David led the walk, and decided to carry on despite the weather, so we can blame him if it starts to rain.  

He forgot to call the roll until we were well into the walk – but better late than never.

We soon got our first view of the impressive rock arch
The hour walk to our first stop warmed us up enough to take one layer of clothes off
Then it was uphill to the arch
Which is even more impressive up close
The braver souls posed in the arch itself
Then back downhill for our lunch.   All the time keeping an anxious eye on the black clouds
Fortunately we were almost back in Castells before the rain started, which gave Jan an excuse to demonstrate her latest rainwear.

Next Week
Meet at Benimaurell at 1000 for another of David’s walks.   This one is to the abandon finca in the valley and back via the lower slopes of Cavell Verde.  Official name (I think) is Juvees de D’Alt . 

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

17 Oct 2011 – Pedreguer

 It was cooler than usual of late as we gathered together the start of this popular walk.   Quite a few woolies on view, but it would not be long before they were removed
 The walk starts with a long, gradual climb.   The path is not too difficult and we gain height without a lot of work.  
After an hour we have reached the end of the first climb, and the woolies have all disappeared.   We are all ready for a short break and a water stop
The next hour is a level walk on a pretty good path, with changing views of the coast and surrounding mountains
The next short stop is at the foot of the steep hill which leads to Castell de Axia.   Anyone who did not want to tackle the climb could wait here, but we all wanted to have lunch at the castle.
This is one of those steep climbs which are best tackled at your own speed.  Jan, Pat and Wendy reached the top first.
By the time I got to the top, and had recovered enough to take a photograph, they were fully recovered from the climb
Ken and Tom took up position at the “king of the castle”
Wendy found a quiet spot to have her picnic lunch and enjoy the impressive views

 It’s never a good idea to stop for too long, and we were soon packed up and ready to go

The climb down is more difficult than coming up, but a lot less tiring

 Next Week
Meet at the car park in Castell de Castells at 10am for a new walk led by David.   

Thursday, 13 October 2011

13 Oct 2011 – Tormos

Rosemary did not walk with us on Monday, so this was her first walk since she arrived on holiday last week.   She wanted an easy one to start with, and this old favourite from Tormos to Isbert Dam is quite level and mostly on good paths
I was also quite pleased to tackle a less challenging walk, as I had bruised my foot on Monday and it was quite painful.
It was also much warmer than we expected.   We are having an extended summer this year with record high temperatures for October.   This is quite an exposed walk, and being in a valley there is not much chance of a cool wind.
My foot proved more of a problem than I had anticipated.  And by the time we reached the abandoned rail tunnel it was sore enough to persuade me not to tackle the boulders on the dry river bed.   So we had our picnic lunch in a shady spot beside the tunnel and made our way back to Tormos.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

10 Oct 2011 – Bernia

Thirteen was a good turnout for our circuit of Bernia.  
All of the climbing is done at the start, and we were soon suffering from the clear blue skies and 30c.
Sylvia seems to be suffering less than some, as she strides up a rocky section. 
 Fortunately the ground was dry after the summer, because this part can be very slippery after rain
Then it’s through a low tunnel to reach the south side.   I took lots of photographs emerging from the tunnel, but not a single one was good enough to use!
 Then it’s a long walk along the more exposed southern side.   This part of the walk was improved a year or so ago, and is now much better than it had been.
 On such a hot day it was a long haul, so we were all glad to reach the fort
Not much shade available as we gathered in our groups for lunch
All except Mike, who seems to prefer his own company 
The “Leniston Group” consisted of David and Wendy

Next Week
Meet at Pedreguer Ermita at 1000 to walk to Castel de Axia

Saturday, 8 October 2011

8 Oct 2011 - Calpe

David and Rosemary have just arrived from UK for a eight weeks holiday.   We often meet in Calpe just after they arrive for a walk on the sea front and a Chinese meal
It was cloudy when we left Parcent, but had cleared by the time we reached Calpe
We had an excellent meal at The Imperial.   They do a menu del dia, including half a bottle of wine, for less than 5 euro.  It is always packed at lunchtime, and today was no exception.
On our way back to the cars we had a paddle in the sea. 

Followed by coffee, cake and a small brandy for 2 euro per head.

We really know how to live…….