Monday, 26 September 2011

10 Sep 2011 – Stuart and Family

Our first meal out together was to our local Tramonti restraurant in Parcent.   We could all walk down together, so we didn’t have to worry about taking the car.
Jack is a “big boy” now and very well behaved at meals.   Georgia has some way to go to reach that standard.  Fortunately she was in a very good mood today, and was no trouble at all.
Our second meal out was at the Piscina restraurant, also in Parcent.   We had to use the car to get us all there, which involved two trips.
This was Jan’s official birthday meal, and Jack was given the task of passing over the presents
He as not so sure that he wanted to give a birthday kiss…….
….but finally agreed – just one mind
Georgia couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about, but her snack kept her busy – and quiet.   All you can really ask for if you take a one year old out for lunch.

Monday, 19 September 2011

19 Sep 2011 - Birthday Treat

Its Jan’s birthday tomorrow.   But this year we are experimenting with a week of birthday treats.   We have already had bacon rolls in Calpe and German cake in Javea.   Today was a special treat – Apple Strudel at the Col de Rates restaurant.
Col de Rates is our local mountain, this is the view from our naya.

We often walk there from the house, but today we drove.   It was much too hot to walk, and it would not have been much of a birthday treat.

The view from the car park is one of the best in the whole area.   Centre is Parcent, with our house on the hill behind
The reason we choose Col de Rates is so that we could have a short walk before our birthday treat
It is a lovely walk from the car park to this finca.   It is usually empty, though obviously being renovated.  Each time we visit another job has been done.  Today it was an outdoor kitchen area.
After a short break at the finca to enjoy the views, it was back to the restaurant
The “almost birthday girl” was taken aback when she saw the price – 7.20 euro each for cake and coffee……

……but worth every penny!   This may well become a birthday tradition for us both.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

29 Aug 2011 – Stuart and Family

We were fortunate that it is a little cooler than earlier in the month, but with the water at 30c it was still warm enough to use the pool.
After his morning run and workout, not to mention his 100 lengths of the pool,  Stuart would have quite liked to spend some time soaking up the rays.

Georgia has other ideas, and wanted her dad to push her around the pool

Michelle was quick to take Stuart’s place in the boat

But he made sure that she did not get too comfortable

Monday, 12 September 2011

28 Aug 2011 – Stuart and Family

 It’s two years since Stuart, Michelle and Jack were last in Parcent.   Last summer Michelle presented Jack with a little sister, and Georgia was too young to travel.   Their arrival brought to an abrupt end our relaxed and very quiet life style
Stuart and Michelle are keen on keep fit, and started their first day with a three mile run around the village, including the steep road back to the house.   So they were quite happy for a more sedate walk around the village before lunch
They particularly liked the Co Operativea, with its selection of ice cream.   Georgia coped with the heat by having a mid morning snooze.
But she was soon awake again and spotted the play area on the terrace
This was also a favourite with Jack when he was last here.  That is his arm opening the window so that Georgia can close it again.   Proud dad is quite happy to keep watch on them both.