Saturday, 30 July 2011

13 July 2011 - Denia Marina

 Its much too hot for “proper” walking in the summer months, but we do miss it and try to do at least one stroll a week.   The long promenade in Denia is a favourite
When we were in UK last month Jan bought this summer umbrella, which looks much better on her!
After a short walk along the promenade we made our way to the marina
You can usually rely on a cool sea breeze…. 
…. and lots of expensive boats to admire
There is also a wide selection of open air café's for a cold drink and pleasant views

Saturday, 23 July 2011

3 July 2011 - The Donkey Sanctuary

 The Donkey Sanctuary is a popular restaurant in the nearby Bernia Mountains.  

It is also an actual sanctuary for donkey’s, who all seem to be very happy in their retirement and very well looked after (much like our little lunch group in fact)
The six of us are neighbours, and have eaten here twice before.  But it is about three years since our last visit.
 Martin and Brenda have a holiday home near us, and we often go out for a meal together when they visit Parcent

Barry and Lynda are permanent residents and live next door
Brenda, who does not drink, gave us a lift.  So Jan was able to take advantage of a glass or two.

It is one of those places where the lunch is long and liquid.  So it was late afternoon when we all left – well watered and well fed.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

25 June 2011 – Rothbury Park

Our last day, and the sun came to Rothbury.   Still cold enough for coats, but sunny enough to visit the ducks in the local park.   Jack wanted his net, but did not want to carry it.
His favourite game is trying to wake nanny when she falls asleep.   I think she enjoys it as much as he does
We can always time for an ice cream.   
Like most young children, he loves playing in the water.

Perched on a rock is even more fun
Then it was over the bridge to the children’s play area
Where nanny was allowed to help on the more difficult tasks

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

24 Jun 2011 – Cragside

The best forecast of the week prompted us to plan one of our favourite local walks.   The hill overlooking the village is part of Cragside Estate.   The house is owned by the National Trust, but the hills are open to hill walkers.
 The walk starts from Stuart’s house, and as we climb the hill we have views of the valley and his house
Rothbury is famous for the local countryside, and its award winning butcher.   He has recently opened a sandwich bar to cater for the many walkers who visit.  One of his beef “butties” is a full meal on its own.
The five mile walk is on good paths with excellent views.   We both left a pair of walking boots with Stuart, but you hardly need them on these good tracks.  Quite a change from the rocky paths we are used to in Spain.
It’s not as dramatic as some of our Spanish mountain views, but this view is pretty striking in its own way.   This is such a typically English walk, and when the weather is good it makes us appreciate how lucky we are to have access to both options.
It may have been the best weather of the week, but it was still pretty cold and grey for a mid June day.   But that made it all the more enjoyable, and we could look forward to a hot cup of coffee when we got home

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

19 Jun 2011 – Georgia's Christening

 The main reason for our visit to Rothbury was Georgia’s christening.  
It’s a big day for a little girl, and both she and Jan seem very happy!
She was fine throughout the ceremony, until the vicar stopped her playing with the font.   Then it was tears all the way.   Everyone, even the vicar, tried to stop her crying for the photo at the church door.
Everyone  failed, so we had to settle for this family photograph.   Everyone happy – except Georgia.

Then it was back to the house for a small celebration.   There were about 30 in the house, so I guess it was not that small really.

Two very proud grand mothers, and one worried looking Georgia.   But at least she had stopped crying.