Tuesday, 18 October 2011

17 Oct 2011 – Pedreguer

 It was cooler than usual of late as we gathered together the start of this popular walk.   Quite a few woolies on view, but it would not be long before they were removed
 The walk starts with a long, gradual climb.   The path is not too difficult and we gain height without a lot of work.  
After an hour we have reached the end of the first climb, and the woolies have all disappeared.   We are all ready for a short break and a water stop
The next hour is a level walk on a pretty good path, with changing views of the coast and surrounding mountains
The next short stop is at the foot of the steep hill which leads to Castell de Axia.   Anyone who did not want to tackle the climb could wait here, but we all wanted to have lunch at the castle.
This is one of those steep climbs which are best tackled at your own speed.  Jan, Pat and Wendy reached the top first.
By the time I got to the top, and had recovered enough to take a photograph, they were fully recovered from the climb
Ken and Tom took up position at the “king of the castle”
Wendy found a quiet spot to have her picnic lunch and enjoy the impressive views

 It’s never a good idea to stop for too long, and we were soon packed up and ready to go

The climb down is more difficult than coming up, but a lot less tiring

 Next Week
Meet at the car park in Castell de Castells at 10am for a new walk led by David.   

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