Tuesday, 25 October 2011

25 Oct 2011 - Castells Arch

After a night of heavy rain the walk was almost cancelled. However being “stoic brits” it was decided to carry on.   As we met at Castells the sky was grey and overcast, but we were still smiling!
The paths are much better than last week, we could even take our eyes off the track to look at the scenery
David led the walk, and decided to carry on despite the weather, so we can blame him if it starts to rain.  

He forgot to call the roll until we were well into the walk – but better late than never.

We soon got our first view of the impressive rock arch
The hour walk to our first stop warmed us up enough to take one layer of clothes off
Then it was uphill to the arch
Which is even more impressive up close
The braver souls posed in the arch itself
Then back downhill for our lunch.   All the time keeping an anxious eye on the black clouds
Fortunately we were almost back in Castells before the rain started, which gave Jan an excuse to demonstrate her latest rainwear.

Next Week
Meet at Benimaurell at 1000 for another of David’s walks.   This one is to the abandon finca in the valley and back via the lower slopes of Cavell Verde.  Official name (I think) is Juvees de D’Alt . 

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