Monday, 31 October 2011

31 Oct 2011 – Benimaurell

After a weekend of particularly heavy rain, we were delighted and more than a little relieved to be greeted with blue skies at the start of our walk
Just after we started the walk David received an urgent call on his mobile.   Jan and Wendy hardly notice as they carry on their conversation.
After the recent depressing weather it was lovely to be walking on such a lovely day, and in such a lovely area.
The first part of the walk is a long, but not too steep, climb on an old mosarabic trail.   After the recent rain the rocks were wet and slippery.  It was much warmer than of late, and we were ready for a short break when we finished the climb.
Lovely view of Baranco Inferno, another of our favourite walks in this area.
Our first banana stop was the abandoned village of  Juvees de D’Alt .  There has been some work carried out since our last visit, but the rubble left by the workmen made the old village look more abandoned and untidy than usual.
The second phase of the walk was up the long and winding road which leads to our old favourite the Green Horse.   We could not ignore the gathering clouds.
By the time we stopped for lunch the sky was quite grey, but still dry.  And without the sun it got a little chilly as we had our picnic.
This part of the walk is on a pretty good road surface, so we could walk side by side and even take our eyes off the path to admire the views of the mountains and distant coast
As we neared Benimaurell the skies cleared and the sun returned
Just in time for a welcome drink at the Bar Oasis

Next Week
A welcome return to the coast for our Granadella walk.   Meet as usual at the Hipica  in Combre del Sol at 1000.

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