Tuesday, 8 November 2011

7 Nov 2011 – Granadella

The weather forecast was dry but overcast, so we were not expecting rain when we arrived at Cumbres del Sol
The first decision was whether to attempt the walk, or go for a cup of coffee at the nearby café.   This unusually placid guard dog seemed bemused that we decided to carry on despite the rain.
Tom wisely decided to abandon the walk as the rain got heavier, and the rest of us donned our stylish wet weather kit.
Peter was particularly pleased with his unusual umbrella, which seemed more suited to collecting rain rather than keeping it off Peter.   He apparently paid 4 euro for it some years ago, and everyone agreed that they must have seen him coming.
We all walked to the first view point, about 15 minutes walk.   There we discussed whether to continue or not.   The rain was not quite so heavy, but the terrain was more difficult from here.   We agreed to continue but Jan, Rosemary and Diane opted to follow the road whilst we went over the wet and slippery ridge
Despite the overcast skies the views were still impressive, and the wind and light rain bracing.
 The weather soon cleared and we enjoyed a nice walk along the coast
 After a couple of hours we reached the viewpoint overlooking Granadella
We had a good view of the beach, and were surprised that we could not see any sign of Jan, Rosemary or Diane.

When we reached the beach café the reason for their absence from the beach was obvious.   Whilst we had been struggling along the wind swept coast they had been sitting comfortably with hot drinks
The rest of us settled down on the beach wall to eat lunch.   It was warmer and more pleasant than it looks in the photo.   We were surprised when a young couple arrived, stripped naked and went swimming in what must have been very cold water.   Jan seemed more surprised that they walked down to the sea over the rocky beach in their bare feet!
It was nice to see David’s sister Diane (centre in pink) again.   She lives in UK and it must be about two years since she last walked with us.   Shame that she picked the first wet day in at least six months.
It was also nice to welcome Sue back (centre in blue).   She used to be a permanent resident here but now spends most of the year in UK.  

Thanks to Barry for a rare photo of Jan and me.

Next Week

Weather permitting we will tackle Carrascal ridge from Parcent Piscina.   Meet at 0930 to allow time to take a couple of cars up to the Col de Rates to save us having to walk down to the Piscina at the end of the ridge walk.

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