Thursday, 10 November 2011

10 Nov 2011 – Green Horse

The Green Horse is our favourite local walk, this is the view from the bottom of our road
We woke to a warm and sunny morning and decided a walk in the mountains was just what we needed, after Monday’s disappointing weather.

The walk starts with a steep climb right from the village, and is on a rough track for about an hour.
The walk is very well signposted now, and it is always a relief to reach the top
But I was surprised to discover that we had covered such a short distance.   It felt like a very long 1.3Km!
From here it is a level walk for another hour or so, with beautiful views of the coast and the surrounding mountains.
We normally have lunch at the rural restaurant at the end of the walk, which is always closed on a Monday.  But it would be open to the public today, so we had lunch on the ridge instead.
We love walking with our Monday group, but it’s also nice to be on our own for a change.   We could stop when we wanted and for as long as we wanted.   And it was unusual to be able to enjoy the silence of the mountains for a change.
There are always lots of wild flowers on this walk, and today was no exception.

The walk back is along the side of the hill, with great views down the valley to the coast

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