Tuesday, 15 November 2011

14 Nov 2011 – Lliber Font d' Aixa

We should have walked Carrascal Ridge this morning, but once again the weather let us down.   When we met at the swimming pool car park in Parcent we could not see the ridge due to the dark low clouds.  There seemed little point in this particularly difficult climb if there would be no views when we reached the ridge.  We all agreed to Pat’s suggestion of the Lliber hill climb instead.
It was still overcast as we started our walk, but we did not notice it much once we got going. 
Despite the grey sky it was not cold, and we soon stopped to remove our jackets and jumpers.  
As we climbed we could see the dark clouds still covering Carrascal in the distance.
Being much lower than Carrascal we were not bothered by low clouds when we reached the top.   But the sky was getting darker and we needed to put our jackets on again
As always going down was more difficult than climbing up.  And the poor tracks were made worse by the recent rain.   Our boots were soon muddy, which made the path down slippery. 
Lunch was at Font d' Aixa, and as we arrived the rain started.   Despite the weather we were hungry and tired, and determined to have a break.  So out came the waterproofs.  It was more summer showers rather than heavy storm, and we did not let it get us down.
Still raining when we got back to Lliber, so our after walk drink was taken inside the bar rather than in the square outside.

Next Week
There is an option of two walks next week, either Carrascal or Lleus, depending on the weather.  Ring us at 0800 and we will confirm whether the weather is good enough for Carrascal.

If the decision is Carrascal we will meet at the swimming pool car park in Parcent at 0930.  If it is Lleus we will meet at the church at 1000 as usual.

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