Monday, 21 November 2011

19 Nov 2011 – Pinos to Marnes

The weather forecast for Monday is pretty grim, so we were pleased when David and Rosemary suggested a recce on Saturday of a new Pinos walk
We first did this walk about a year ago with the CBMW and felt it would be very suitable for a Monday Club walk.   We kept intending to do a recce, and it only took a year or so
The first part of the walk is a long steady climb.   Steep enough to require a couple of stops to admire the view – and get our breathing under control
Having reached the top it was a nice level walk.   It looks like David and Rosemary are talking about Jan behind her back? 
About an hour into the walk we reach our first banana stop, at an old abandoned finca.
 Then its off again to look for a suitable spot for lunch
I think you have all seen more than enough photos of us eating.  So as an alternative this is the view we had as we tackled our picnic lunch
These two donkey’s were an unexpected treat.  They were very friendly and seemed to appreciate David’s offer of a handful of grass
Contrary to popular belief I am not eating the donkey’s apple, I am biting suitable bits of apple to feed them.   It is however just possible that the occasional bit of apple might have been swallowed in error!
And this is the view on Monday morning.   Just as well we had our walk on Saturday, because the weather proved even worse than the forecast.   Our Monday walk was cancelled and we hope to tackle it next week instead

Next Monday
If the weather is good we will walk the Carrascal Ridge from Parcent.   Meet at the swimming pool at 0930.   If it is overcast, but not actually raining, we will walk from Lleus to Pinos.

Ring us at 0800 and we will confirm whether it is to be Carrascal or Lleus

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