Friday, 9 December 2011

8 Dec 2011 – Benimeli Aerials

When we decided to do this walk we had forgotten that we had done the same walk on the same day last year

This has long been one of our favourite walks, and one we often do on our own.  At three hours it is a little short for our Monday group, but more than long enough for us.
Right from the start its quite a brisk climb, and looking  back on the village you realise just how high you have come in such a short time.
Despite the blue sky it was quite chilly when we started the walk.  But by the time we reached our first stop at the ruined finca we had warmed up.
Although we knew it was a Spanish holiday, we were still surprised to find so many people about.   As we started the second stage of the climb we became aware of a Spanish group behind us.  They were climbing at the same pace, so we had to keep going to keep ahead of them!
When we reached the picnic site just below the aerials they continued downhill, leaving us to enjoy the views in peace.
It was gone midday when we reached the aerials.  Ideal weather for walking, just like a sunny summer day in UK.  A thick haze came in from the sea making it less than perfect for taking photos.
A short walk along the crest brought us to our picnic spot.  As we arrived we passed another group of Spanish walkers who were just leaving.
Whilst we had our lunch we watched another two groups of walkers passing just below us.  It is unusual to see any other walkers here, let alone the five groups we passed today.
The return journey is on a much less popular path, and we saw no one at all until we reached the village
The square was empty when we got there at 2pm and we enjoyed a well deserved rest and a strong cup of coffee con leche.  

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