Tuesday, 13 December 2011

12 Dec 2011 – Fig Tree Walk

Some weeks ago David did part of this walk and found it difficult due to the overgrown path.  He suggested that we might do it as a group, and clear the worse parts of the path.   Last week Pat suggested that we do it this week do some work to clear the path.

So today we met to do just that – complete with secateurs.   You will note that David is not in the photo – he is now back in the UK!   You will also note that Pat is not in the photo – she had a doctor’s appointment and could not walk today!

 You will see from this photo that David was not telling lies, the path was indeed overgrown.
There were six of us on the walk.  The three men did the path clearance.  The three ladies brought up the rear offering advice and complaining that it was getting cold as we were moving so slowly!   My offer to change over and let them do some of the clearing to warm them up was not taken up.

It was hard work, but it was a job well done.   And we were all very pleased with our efforts by the end.

Next Week
Later than normal start for the Lleus to Pinos walk.   Meet at Lleus church at 1030.   This will be our last Monday Club walk before Christmas.

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