Tuesday, 6 December 2011

5 Dec 2011 – Castell de Castells

It was such a relief to have a sunny morning, that we didn’t mind at all that it was also pretty cold.  It was even colder when we prepared to set off from the village, as the temperature is usually 3-4 degrees lower than in Parcent.
We soon warmed up, as the climb from the village is pretty steep.   It was even longer than usual as we took the scenic road, in error,  and did a long circuit of the hill rather than going straight up the mosarabic trail as we usually do.
It took about an hour to reach the view point, about twice as long as normal.  No one really minded the extra length, as the path was very good and we could admire the views. 
In the shadow of the castle itself we had our first stop……..
…..which was of course a banana stop.   I wish we had ten euro for every banana we have eaten on a Monday morning during the past six years!
We did the walk anti clockwise for a change.   We missed the very steep road up to the castle, and had different views as we approached our usual lunch stop.
We had started our walk with unusually clear views of the mountains.  But by the time we reached the top of the climb a haze had come in from the sea.  In addition there were the usual plumes of smoke from wood burning the valley below.
It’s a very steep climb from Castells to the castle, so we could only admire these cyclists.   Its hard enough on foot, both steep and a rock covered path.   It must be very painful riding a bike.
Despite the extra detour we had made very good time, and it was still too early for lunch.  So we decided to do the last part of the climb to the castle, and then beyond to the view point for our picnic.
Back again where we had our banana stop, we finally settled down to lunch.   We found a lovely sun trap protected from the wind and again just below the castle.

We arrived back in the village after a five hour walk.   Castells is a typical Spanish mountain village, with winding narrow streets.   Pat had gotten lost last time we were here, and was determined to find the correct route this time.   So we were treated to an “interesting” misguided tour.   For such a small village it was hard to understand how it could take so long to find the car park, but it was a great relief when we finally did.

Lovely walk, and all the more enjoyable after two walks cancelled due to heavy rain.

Next Week
Next Monday will be The Fig Tree walk.   Meet on the Benichembla to Castells road at the new lay-by just after the 30 kilometer sign.   Cross the bridge we used to park under and park on the left.

Apparently a small part of the walk is overgrown, so Pat has asked everyone to bring secateurs!

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