Sunday, 10 April 2011

9 Apr 2011- Benimeli Aerials

It was very hot this morning, 91o on the naya at breakfast.   So perhaps not the best weather to climb to the aerials above Benimeli.   Visibility was also pretty poor due to the heat haze.
The first part of the climb was in the shade, so not too difficult.   We also managed to find a shaded spot for our first water break.
By the time we reached the car park/picnic spot we were very hot.   We did extra climb to the view point because it was well shaded by the trees.
We did climb to the aerials, and then on to our usual lunch spot at the far end of the ridge.  But there was no shade, and it was much too hot to have our picnic there.
 We returned back to the car park/picnic site for lunch
From here the climbing is all done, and it is usually a very pleasant walk back to the village.  But today it was quite hard going due to the excessive heat
Lots of spring flowers along this stretch, including this colourful thistle.
As we followed the track downhill to the village we noticed a lot of smoke rising above the nearby Green Horse
Despite going downhill it was still very hot, and we were glad to arrive back at Benimeli
The café, and indeed the whole village, was deserted.  I expect everyone was indoors keeping out of the heat.   We enjoyed a cold soft drink under the new canopy in the square.
 As we drove back to Parcent we had a view of the other side of the Green Horse, and it was clear thatthere was a major fire – and that it was quite close to the urbanization just outside Murla.
By the time we got home the fire fighting helicopters were shuttling water from Parcent swimming pool to the fire at Murla.   This would continue all afternoon.   The fire continued through the night, and looked quite impressive from our naya, where we could see it blazing through the darkness.  

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