Tuesday, 5 April 2011

4 Apr 2011 – The Green Horse

The walk got off to a bad start, with a pair of missing boots!   It’s a long story, but suffice to say Barry returned home to collect his boots, which I had all the time.  He then brought back another pair of boots, which I borrowed for the walk.  All the time my boots were sitting in our car in Alcalali.  Like I said – it’s a long story, and one I will probably not be allowed to forget for a very long time! 
Due to the “boots saga” we started the walk half an hour late.

For once we had good weather for the Green Horse walk.   When we have done this walk, with this group, in the past it has more often than not been cold or overcast or both.   But today we had ideal weather, sunny but not too warm.
We completed the climb in 35 minutes, which seemed much quicker than normal but at a reasonable pace
The path has recently been signposted, and is now quite easy to follow.  Despite this I still managed to get lost, or at least could not find the signs.   It’s difficult to really get lost.  It’s quite narrow on the ridge, and though you may not follow the easiest route you will certainly get to the same place in the end.
This is one of our shorter walks, so although we started late there was no pressure to set a fast pace.
Just for Rosemary!   Not sure what they are called, but they are definitely pink.  
Not only a lovely walk, but an excellent location for lunch as well.  The Restaurant is always closed on a Monday, so we can make use of their tables for our picnic.
It was a little cloudy, but we still have lovely views down the valley to the coast on the way back.
And of course the highlight of the walk was the after walk drink.

Next Week

Denia Marina to Javea windmills.   Meet in the car park at the roundabout leading to the Denia Marina at 1000.   Walk along the promenade, up to the tower and across to the windmills.

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