Sunday, 3 April 2011

2 Apr 2011 - Tormos to Campell

Warm enough today for not only shirtsleeves but also cut away trousers.   It feels like summer is arriving at last.
After a pleasant walk along the valley towards Isbert Dam we caught our first sight of Campell on the hill ahead
 It is a long climb from the valley to Campell, but it is done is easy stages.  
Above Fontilles we come to the music house.   Not sure whether it is used or not, certainly a piano which used to be inside was left outside now.   But the building was recently painted and looks quite well kept

  A new addition was this table and chair.  Too tempting not to use for our banana stop
                                                   Then it’s uphill through the shady woods 
   And now we catch views of Campell through the trees  
                        The little church on the outskirts of Campell is an ideal spot for our picnic lunch 
It looked particularly pretty today with the trees in full bloom
     And it would be hard to find a better view of Campell and the coast behind
Then through Campell itself
Jan’s favourite house, with its mosaic artwork of broken plates and cups  - very “Guadi-esqe”
 And then downhill all the way back to Tormos for a well deserved cold Clara in the bar.

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