Tuesday, 29 March 2011

28 Mar 2011 - Castel de Axia Pedreguer

 After a couple of grey, or even, wet Monday’s today was warm and sunny.   We had a good turn out for this lovely walk, including Peter and Ann visiting from UK.  Lots of shorts in view, and (almost) everyone in shirt sleeves.
 The walk starts with quite a long, but not too steep, uphill section.   For the first part it is in the shade, and we set a good pace as it is still cool out of the sun.
 We soon gain height and emerge into the sun, with lovely views back to Pedreguer and the coast behind. 
This one is especially for Rosemary.   She and David have returned to UK for a few weeks, and were missed today.  This is one of David’s favourite walks, and he “discovered” it for the Monday Club.   Rosemary is the most knowledgeable of the group as far as flowers are concerned, and without her none of us could identify this one.
 After the initial climb, there follows a long level section, with excellent views over the coast.  We often take our first break along this section, and today was no exception when we had our “official banana stop” here.
Although flat and a good path, it is necessary to take care as the path is covered with loose stones and rocks.   It was along here that Jan fell recently and hurt her shoulder.
 To reach the castlel involves another climb, and I did suggest that some of the group might prefer to have lunch at the base.  I was pleased that there were no takers, as the view from the top is really spectacular.
Pat and Barry in animated conversation.   Not sure what it was about, but it looks interesting!
 This time of year is ideal for walking here on the Costa Blanca.   Throughout the year we have bright sunny weather most of the time.   But after a few overcast days we appreciated the sun and blue skies more than ever.  And whilst warm enough to be comfortable in shirt sleeves and shorts, the sun was not so hot that we had to seek shade.
 After lunch it was downhill all the way back.   A little too much downhill at the start, but once off the hill it was a gentle walk back to the cars.  
 Another treat for Rosemary!   I am well known as the member of the group who knows least about flowers, but Jan kept a keen look out for suitable flowers to photograph.

We are spoilt for choice for bars in Pedreguer.   This one was new to me, but very welcome.   Our after walk drink may not be the best part of the walk, but it quite near the top.   For the first time this year I choose a nice cold Clara (shandy) in place of my usual coffee con leche.

Next Week

Another attempt to walk The Green Horse.   This is one of our favourites, but it is often cloudy when we attempt it with the Monday Club. Last time it was also very windy, and we had to do an alternative walk.   Hoping for better luck next Monday.  Meet near Bar Oasis in Benimaurell at the usual time.

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