Tuesday, 22 March 2011

19 Mar 2011 – Parcent to Jalon

 We were unable to join the Monday Club walk this week, as we had to go to Denia.    So when we woke to a warm and sunny Saturday morning we decided to walk into Jalon so that I could get a haircut.   We repeated last Monday’s walk, but this time in the sun.   What a shame that we did not have this weather for our proposed Carrascal walk last Monday.
 What a difference blue skies and a little sun make.  
We took the high road to Jalon, along the side of Col de Rates rather than through the valley.   Last Monday the path was muddy and hard going in our waterproofs with the rain pouring down.   Today a nice casual pace in shirtsleeves.
Slightly hazy, but still sunny enough to bring the valley alive with light and shade.   And the spring flowers are just starting to make their appearance.
 When we reached Jalon we found that all the shops were closed, due to Fiesta.   So no haircut!   It was too hot to sit in the main square, as there were no umbrellas in sight.  So we visited Bar Caty instead.
The Saturday Rastro market was well attended, again due to the weather.  We always feel we should look around the stalls, but by the time we reach the end we are frustrated and impatient with the crowds.
 Right at the end of the Rastro was a nice surprise, a new ice cream van.   It’s the first time we have seen it at the Rastro, and on such a warm day it was too tempting to ignore.
 Despite being a holiday weekend the valley path back to Parcent was very quiet.  Once we cleared the crowds at the Rastro we had the valley to ourselves.
Our house in on the hill to the right of Parcent.   When we feel energetic we walk from the house, but that involves a steep hill climb right at the end.   On a hot day this is quite a challenge after a 10 mile walk.   This morning we felt quite guilty as we drove to the start of the walk.  But no such reservations at the end of the walk to have the luxury of driving up the hill.

Next Week

Meet at the start of the Castell d’Axia walk in Pedreguer at 1000.     

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