Tuesday, 15 March 2011

14 Mar 2011 – Parcent to Jalon

This week we planned to walk the Carrascal Ridge, a new and quite long walk starting from the Piscina in Parcent.   This was the view of the ridge from our balcony when we had to make the decision whether to walk or not.
We decided to meet anyway, and decide whether to carry on up the ridge, or do an alternative low level walk.   By the time everyone had arrived it was not only dense low clouds, but it had started to rain as well

Nine of us turned up, and some had come quite a long way.  So I was reluctant to cancel the whole walk.  So we all agreed that we would walk from Parcent to Jalon.   Just as wet as the ridge, but without the climb.   And the view in the valley would be just as good as on the cloud covered ridge.

It’s not often that you see the Monday Club dressed like this.  In fact it’s the first time that I can remember that we actually started a walk in the rain.  It was not heavy, but it was determined.   We did not take our water proofs off until we reached Jalon.

We walked in along the “higher path”, very pretty in good weather - but very muddy today.   It was not long before it felt like we were walking on stilts, as the layers of mud on the soles of our boots increased.

We had planned to have lunch in the open in Jalon, but it was still raining when we arrived.   Fortunately Jan’s Spanish teacher also works in one of the bars, and she agreed that we could eat our sandwiches in the bar providing we each bought a drink.   In fact I think she was quite pleased to get some custom, because the bar was almost empty due to the weather.

After lunch the weather cleared a little.  The rain stopped and we could feel the sun through the low cloud.   Because of the weather we had walked quite quickly, and we were almost back in Parcent by 1pm – the “official” lunch time.  So we stopped at the church near Alcalali for a second lunch break.

Certainly not one of our better walks.  But better than abandoning the walk completely, going home and sitting indoors all day looking out at the rain.   It also made us appreciate how lucky we are to have so few wet days here.
Next Week

El Cau.  Meet by the side of the road, just after the first bridge on the Jalon to Pinos road, not at the firing range like we usually do.   Meet at 10am as usual.

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