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7 Mar 2011 – Serrella Castle from Castells

It was nice to be back walking with the group, after our absence last week.   We used to park at the camp site to do this walk, but it is very isolated and there have been reports of thefts from cars there.   Ken and Sylvia were not able to walk today, and were missed as they are such reliable walkers.   David did duty as “tail end Charlie” until Ken returns to assume his regular post.

Meeting in the village meant that we had to walk up to the camp site, a distance of about half a mile or so.   We had always driven there, so I was quite surprised to find that it involves a very steep road climb!

This is a really lovely walk, in very pretty countryside.   We have not done it for more than a year, because the road was closed for upgrading.   The walk starts with a steady climb on good mosarabic paths, with views of Castells in the valley below.
Although bright and sunny, there was a very cold wind.   But after our climb all the jackets and jumpers came off for the group photo

A short walk brought us to this popular view point.   Pat was kind enough to allow us a banana stop whilst we enjoyed the view.   But not too long, as the wind soon cooled us down again.   Note the snow on Aitana in the background
After our recent good weather we were surprised to find so much snow on Aitana.   We had noticed it last Saturday, but apparently there was none last Monday when the group walked in that area.  Helps to explain the very cold winds.
A very steep climb on a forestry type road brought us to Serrella Castle.   By then most of us were more than ready for a rest, but Peter led a small group with more energy than sense to climb to the castle.  We have done it before, and it does have wonderful views, but we were quite happy with the one from the bottom.
This is a view of  Serrella Castle, looking back from our lunch spot.   You can see why the wiser, or perhaps less fit, decided against another look from the top.

This is the view looking the other way, towards our lunch area where the road reaches the mountain opposite.   It looks quite gentle from this angle……….

……but less so from this angle.   After a decent there is another steep climb to reach our lunch stop.   Even  Peter looks weary, mind he has just climbed  Serrella Castle

For once no photos of us having lunch, just one of our unexpected visitors.   There was no sign of them when we arrived, but as we stated to eat they appeared.   They stood and watched us for a while, and then just ambled off.   No sign of a goat herder, but he must have been somewhere near.
On reaching our lunch spot we had done all of the climbing for the day.  The return journey was along a nice path with extensive views.   For once the path was good enough to look around and admire them, though many were too busy talking to do so – not unusual for the Monday Club!

Finally back to Castells.   We followed the same morasabic trail we used coming up, so the decent was quite easy, though hard on the legs.

Next Week

Meet at the Parcent swimming pool car park at 0945 for a new walk for the group – Carascal ridge.   From the car park we climb up to the ridge at a nice easy pace.   I know it will be nice and easy, because I will be setting it.   We then walk along the ridge towards the aerials, and then down the winding road to Col de Rates.   We will have left sufficient cars here to take us back to the swimming pool.

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