Sunday, 6 March 2011

5 Mar 2011 - Green Horse

We had not planned to walk today, because we have to be back early to meet with friends.  But the sun was shinning when we woke up, and we have not had a walk since last Monday.   By the time we reached Benimaurell the sun had disappeared behind a lot of cloud.

 Without the sun it was quite cold, even with the steep climb from the village
Even on a dull day the views are impressive, which is what makes it our favourite walk.   We were pleased to see that the signs have all been replaced, which makes the walk even more accessible.   This is always a popular walk, and we quite expected to meet other walkers.   The only other walkers we met were a couple of English holidaymakers.   They were walking the area with the help of the Bob Stansfield book and a local map.   I was impressed, the only time I tried one of the walks in that book I got hopelessly lost.
We have never climbed to the cross before, and decided to try it today.  The path starts quite good, but is soon overgrown and eventually disappears.  Then it is a scramble to the top.   To be honest it was more effort than it was worth.   It was nice to see it once, but doubt we will bother again.
 The views down the valley are something else.  But it was much too cold in the strong wind to hang about for long.
 As we wanted to get back early we did walk as far as the restaurant as we usually do, but turned back towards Benimaurell as soon as we got off the ridge.   The almond blossoms have all gone in the Jalon valley, but there are still some here, and we found this sheltered spot for a belated lunch
It’s a lovely walk back to the village on this path along the side of the Green Horse.   We were surprised to find two small rock falls on the path, neither large enough to block the path itself.   They were apparently caused by the recent rain.   Looking up and seeing the large rocks overhanging the path we were inclined to walk just a little faster.
Throughout the walk the sun had come and gone, depending on the moving clouds.   As we neared the end of the walk it was shinning directly on our destination – the village of Benimaurell.

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