Tuesday, 12 April 2011

11 Apr 2011 – Denia to Javea Windmills

After the lovely summer weather we have had recently, it was disappointing to wake to grey skies.   We knew that it would be a small group this week, and were quite pleased to find that there would be ten in all – including Pat and Mick who we had not seen since our coach trip to Morocco last year.
Thanks to Sylvia we had a new route to the windmills.   At the end of the promenade we took a different path up the hill, which avoided the steep road we usually take.  It was still a steep climb, but much easier on these natural paths than on the concrete road.
There are always lots of flowers at this time of year.   We passed this “pink one”, which Jan informs me is a field gladiolus!
The new path took us to the abandoned urbanization.   About 30 years ago a developer built these houses on protected land, and building was halted.   He disappeared, and no one could agree who would have to pay to demolish the partly built houses.  So they remain an interesting, but ugly, blot on the landscape.
No doubt the prospective owners of these houses lost every penny of their deposit.   Had the houses been completed they would have had extensive views over the coast and nearby Montgo.
The houses are in different stages of completion, most have walls and roofs some have even been tiled.   This pile of cement bags were left as they were delivered.  The paper has rotted away leaving the hard cement as a monument to the illegal project.
 Further on we came to this “blue one”, which everyone (except me) recognized as an iris.

 It was part of a large collection in what had been a cultivated garden.  The nearby finca was now a ruin, but the wild flowers lookeId very pretty indeed.

 By the time we arrived at the windmills the sun was out, just right for our picnic lunch.

 And we had blue skies for our return walk across the headland.   The whole area was covered in wild flowers which the sun displayed to full advantage.   The whole area a mass of white, yellow and shades of green.  We were all quite struck by how lucky we are to be able to enjoy such a beautiful area.
We were soon opposite the abandoned urbanization again, with the steep valley in between.   From here you could appreciate how large it would have been had it ever been completed.
 And then on to the tower, with its extensive views along the coast.

By the time we returned to the promenade it had turned cloudy again.   But it was nice and cool for our long walk back to the marina.   Mind we did break the journey with a visit to one of the café overlooking the sea.

Next Week
Meet at the “Parcent chicken shacks” on the Alcalali road at 1000 for a walk to Orba castle.

Monday Club meal
Margaret is arranging a lunch meal for our last walk before the summer. All of the group, and partners, are invited.    She was supposed to send me details, but they have not arrived yet.   It will be sometime in June, and I hope to have the full details by next week. 

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