Saturday, 16 April 2011

13-15 Apr 2011 - Calasparra

We spent a few days in Calasparra with Paul and Jean, friends from UK who moved there last year.  
Calasparra is a small town half an hour drive inland from Murcia
We had not seen Paul and Jean for about six months, during which time they had a lot of work done on their new home, including a swimming pool and landscape the front garden.   Paul designed it all himself, and gave Jan a guided tour
He also “christened” the swimming pool, but not sure why he did it still dressed!
He has also designed a lovely outside dining area, complete with a fully equipped  outdoor kitchen.
They took us on a tour around the area, starting with Cenajo dam. 
Built by Franco in 1963 it is set amongst impressive mountain scenery
On a somber note the cross is in memory of the workers who died building the dam.
Next stop was the picturesque village of Letur
 We spent an hour exploring the winding little streets
Like so many Spanish villages it is built on a hill, and any walk includes a lot of walking uphill.
Finally a short stop in the square by the cool fountain

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