Tuesday, 19 April 2011

18 Apr 2011 – Orba Castle

 There were ten of us for today’s walk, which is quite local for almost half of the group.   The forecast was not very promising, and it was cloudy and quite chilly when we started.  
 Although the rain kept away, the wind was cool enough that we did not really want to stop for long for our cherished banana stop.

 However we all warmed up quickly enough when we started the climb up Orba hill to the castle.
We were quite surprised to find a family group at the castle, and no doubt they were equally surprised when we arrived.   They did not bother us, but I’m not sure it was the same for them.   It can be quite annoying when you are enjoying the peace and quiet after a long climb, only to have a noisy group arrive.  And quiet is not a word I would use to describe our group!
On a very sunny day it can be too hot at the castle, so today was just right.  There is enough of the ruin of the castle to make for a good wind break, and sun made an appearance just in time for our lunch break. 

 It’s quite a steep climb up, but even more difficult coming down – particularly at the start of the descent.   But everyone made it without mishap.

 The path is not very easy to find, so we kept together in a tight group.

Then it was the long walk back to Parcent – and a cold drink in the cooperativea.

Next Week
“Dead Dog” or Alt de Ample.  Leave Jalon on the Bernia road and park on the right just over the first bridge.   Start walk at 10am

Monday Club Meal
Margret is arranging a meal in Jalon on 6 June 2011.   Pat is planning a short walk to return by 1.30 for the meal.   The meal is offered by a German couple in their own home, and will cost 14 euro per head including tip.   I understand that there is a full menu del dia, with a choice of two meats.  Pat has a full menu if anyone wants to know more.   We are restricted to a maximum of 16, so only members of the group and partners allowed.   If you would like to come drop me an email and I will pass it on to Margret.

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