Sunday, 24 April 2011

23 Apr 2011 - Jalon

 The weather has been very changeable all week, but this morning was clear sky and sunny.  We both felt the need to get out for some fresh air, and we had not walked to Jalon for about three weeks.  Lots of poppies at this time of year, making the fields full of colour
 We planned lunch in the main square in Jalon, and were pleased to spot a couple of friends we could share a table with.   So we were later than usual setting off back to Parcent, not sure how late as we no longer wear our wrist watch, but the market was packing in so it must be later than normal.  
As we neared Parcent the clouds reappeared, and we were lucky to reach the car before the first drops fell.   Only a spring shower, but we would have gotten quite wet.

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