Tuesday, 8 February 2011

7 Feb 2011 – Segaria

This was a new walk for some of us, and a new meeting point for most.   We started the walk from a car park at the western end of the Segaria ridge.   It was a new route to us, but one that the CBMW had done in the past.   It is the local walking area of Sylvia and Ken who would lead today’s walk.
There were 14 on the walk, including Colin who we have not seen for some months.   He has had some medical treatment in the UK, and we were all very pleased to see him again, and looking so well.
Sylvia set a good pace right from the start.   The walk would involve a steady climb around the northern side of Segaria and then a steep climb to the ridge itself.  We would then walk along the ridge to the aerials, followed by a decent on the southern side and a walk through the valley back to the cars
The first part of the walk involved a scramble, and about 20 minutes into the walk Janet fell and hurt her leg.   She wanted to continue, but was limping too badly and was persuaded to go back.   Fortunately Peter offered to go with her, because she struggled just to get to the car park.  She then went to the Denia hospital where an x-ray confirmed that she had broken her leg.   It really does stress the importance of walking in a group, because anyone can fall anytime and it is then just luck whether you do serious damage or not.   All the very best to Janet for a speedy recovery.
Three hours after we started the walk we reached the ridge and soon found a suitable lunch site – right on 1pm.   The weather had been ideal for hill walking, sunny but with a cool breeze.  Here we found a sheltered spot with wonderful views.
Even the heavy sea mist in the valley could not take away from the beauty of our lunch spot.  
David and Rosemary are returning to UK for a family birthday party, and will miss next week’s walk.  But they should be back in time for the following week.
This is the only time I saw Sylvia and Ken together during the walk.  She was out in front trail blazing, he was bringing up the rear as back marker. 

From our picnic site it was a short walk along the ridge to the Aerials, the objective of today’s walk.   We often climb here, but usually from Benimeli, a much shorter walk than today.

Then it was a short walk down to the car park just below the ridge.   Pat rang Peter to find out what was happening.   This was when we heard that Janet was going to the hospital, and Peter was going to follow us.   He is very fit, but with at least an hour’s head start no one really expected him to catch us up.
 Jan and I have climbed this path to the aerials many times, but this was my first time going down.  As often happens, it felt more difficult going down – though not as tiring.

Then it was a steady decent on a good path to the valley bottom, and a good road back to the cars.   We were surprised, and not a little impressed, when Peter arrived no more than five minutes after we did.

Next Week

Another new walk, this time from Benissa cemetery, which is another new meeting place.   Follow the signs for the toll road, but turn right just after the toll sign.   There is a sign post leading to a small track.   Margaret (who is leading the walk) has told me it is really very easy.   If you find yourself at the toll itself you have gone too far!!

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