Sunday, 6 February 2011

4 Feb 2001 – Moraira

As it to make up for the miserable Monday weather, we have had more than our fair share of sun ever since.   And today we met up with David and Rosemary to visit the Moraira market.
Rosemary always has a bad influence on Jan, and today was no exception.   The two of them disappeared to look for handbags, while David and I put the world to rights.   When they returned they were weighed down with carrier bags.
As it was such a warm and sunny day we walked down to the promenade and joined the holidaymakers on the seats overlooking the sea.
Just after we arrived this cheeky little chap landed beside Rosemary, who had bought some fresh bread.   He is obviously used to being fed here.
He did not seem in the least afraid of us, and remained with us until it was time for us to move on
Moraira is not one of our usual haunts, unlike Calpe and Denia.   Usually we only visit when David and Rosemary are here, or when we have visitors.  So its always a nice little treat when we do go there.
Jan and Rosemary had lots of news to catch up on, as Jan has not been walking with the Monday Club for three weeks due to her back injury.
For lunch we went to Monroe’s in Moraira.   Again we only visit with David and Rosemary, and we always have the carvery as the meat is so good.   Its very “English”, but really nice for a change.
After lunch another walk along the promenade.   By now the sun shining on the water was quite dazzling.   It felt just like a warm summer day in UK.   This time of year is our favourite here in Spain, providing its not raining.   Its cool enough to enjoy walking, but warm enough to enjoy sitting and looking.

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