Thursday, 3 February 2011

2 Feb 2011 - Calpe Dive Centre

 The great thing about the Costa Blanca is that the miserable grey and wet weather does not last for too long.   Monday was grim, and our weekly walk cancelled.   Tuesday was sunny, but Jan goes into Jalon for the market with her “gang”.   So Wednesday was our first opportunity for a walk.

 The walk from Calpe to the Dive Centre is along a very picturesque coastal path.  Its only half a mile or so, but it offers magnificient views along the coast.  
 There are also a couple of less accessible beaches, which tend to be quiet even during the busy summer season.
 The path is very popular with local dog walkers, so you have to watch where you are putting your feet.   Dog owners here in Spain do not seem to be as well trained as those in UK.  Or perhaps they are just less considerate to other users of the paths.

 There are views of the Dive Centre throughout the whole walk.   It offers water sports in the summer, including sailing and diving.   It was deserted today, but from April there are often groups of older school children who provide great entertainment as we sit and sip our coffee.
 The coffee is not the cheapest, and we are great experts on which is along this bit of coast, but the view is one of the best in the area.  Even the “visitor rates” for the coffee is not enough to put us off visiting every few months.
There are a few well sited stone seats along the path.  This one is at the top of one particularly steep climb.
 These are the notorious “processional caterpillars”, so well known by local walkers.  They are reputed to give a very painful reaction if you brush against them.   I have heard stories of walkers having to visit hospital after touching one of them, and even of a dog dying after sniffing one.   Whether true or not, we are always careful to avoid them when walking amongst pine trees.

These two walked along the sea wall beside us for the last stretch back to the car.  I wanted to take a shot with a nice background of Calpe Rock, but  every time I tried to

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