Tuesday, 1 February 2011

31 Jan 2011 - Rain Stopped Play

Being "fair weather walkers" we sometimes have a difficult decision to make on a Monday morning at about 8am when the skies are grey or there is a light rain.   Whether to be brave and walk, or  be wimps and stay at home.   This morning there was no difficult decisiion   We woke to the sound of heavy rain.   As Jan made her way upstairs to the telephone (and I kept the bed warm) there was a heavy roll of thunder.  In the past we have regretted cancelling, as the weather clears just after the walk starts at 10am.   However no such regrets today.  If anything the rain got heavier.   We  wrapped up and settled down to the luxury of daytime TV and watched a good film.

Next weeks walk will be the one which was cancelled today.   Meet at 9.50 to drive to the start of the walk in convoy.

Travelling from the South take the N332 northbound – direction Oliva/Valencia.
(If travelling on the motorway leave at exit 62 – Ondara.)
Just after Km 201 take the CV700 exit (Pego/El Verger) Keep right to join the CV700 in the direction of Verger. On your left you will pass the Greenwich Meridian sign and just before reaching the roundabout will see the Verger industrial area on your left with the motorbike on top of a building. Go almost 360o round the roundabout to enter the industrial area and park on the left – you will be on a road running parallel to the CV700 at that point.

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