Saturday, 29 January 2011

29 Jan 2011 - Parcent to Jalon

 This was the third Saturday that we walked from Parcent to Jalon, about 8 miles return.   Jan’s back is still very painful, and she is unable to do our normal walks.  This one is relatively flat, so she can manage it ok.
 For the past two weeks we have done the return walk on the valley path, which is a better surface and not so much climbing.   But today she was feeling a little better, and able to tackle the “high road” along the side of the Col de Rates.
 After a week of cold and overcast  weather, the sun was out today.   But the tracks were very wet and the mud built up in layers on our walking boots.  It made walking quite uncomfortable and difficult, and we were glad to reach a better road surface as we neared Jalon.
 Saturday is Rastro market day in Jalon, a sort of car boot sale with stalls.   It always attracts a good crowd, and today was no exception.  I expect a lot wanted to get out in the sun after a cold and overcast week.
 The valley is famous for its grapes, and its bodega’s ……..

 ….and its orange trees…..

 ….and at this time of year its almond trees

The almond trees are quite ugly most of the time, but for a week or so each year they transform the valley with their blossoms.   They are just starting to flower this week, but within ten days or so the valley will be covered in white and pink blossoms. 

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