Sunday, 13 February 2011

Lunch at Tramonti

Martin and Brenda are paying a short visit, and earlier this week suggested that we should go to Tramonti with Barry and Lyn as their paella is so good.   Parcent is fortunate to have some very good restaurants within a short distance, and we had not been to Tamonti for about four years.  On our first, and only, visit we had not been too impressed and had not returned.  
We live on a hill overlooking Parcent, and the walk to the Tramonti would only take 10 minutes or so.  But Martin and Barry wanted to try out their bikes.  This was a good idea to go to the restaurant, as it was downhill all the way.  On the other hand it would be uphill all the way back!
It was a lovely day for a short walk, sunny and warm.  Better still, the almond blossoms were in full bloom and the valley looked quite spectacular.
Martin and Brenda had booked a table on the terrace, and just as well.  We were surprised to find that not only were all the tables taken, there were even one group waiting for a table to become free.   This is very unusual and probably due to visitors to the valley to see the almond blossoms.

We were also surprised to find that the Tramonti was much nicer than we had remembered it to be.   It might have been the views, the excellent paella or the good company.  Or perhaps they had redecorated.  Whatever the reason we found the meal and the surroundings to be very good.  It has now been added to our list of favorites!
Martin and Brenda had told us that the paella was particularly good, and they were not wrong.   It was one of the best we have had.   And very reasonably priced at less than 11 euro for a menu del dia, including wine and tax.
Martin and Barry had to prepare themselves for cycling uphill on the return journey, and a second bottle of wine proved excellent training.
Brenda, Lyn, Jan and I set off back at a nice leisurely pace, enjoying the views.   Barry and Martin rode past us looking very determined.
When we reached home there was no sign of the intrepid explorers, but they soon came into view at the bottom of the road.   Martin tried to convince us that he had ridden all the way, but Barry was not too proud to be seen pushing his bike up the last stretch.

An excellent lunch and many thanks to Martin and Brenda for suggesting it.

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