Thursday, 30 June 2011

17 Jun 2011 - Almouth

We expected a big difference in temperature from Spain to Uk, and we  came  prepared with our winter coats.   Just as well we did.  Despite the reports in the papers about the warmest spring for years, it was much cooler in Rothbury than it had been in Parcent.
Within an hour of arriving at Rothbury we were on our way to Almouth, where Jack has discovered the North Sea – and loves it.   We were all dressed for the cooler  weather, and Georgia did not seem at all worried.
Jack made for the beach, supervised by his dad
In no time  he  was right in the sea, up to his knees.   It must have been freezing, but he is a typical northerner and oblivious to the cold
It was lovely to see him enjoying himself so much, but it made  us feel even colder to see  him running into and out of the sea
After half an hour we  had enough, and even Jack was glad to get back to the cars and a change of clothes.

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