Tuesday, 14 June 2011

13 Jun 2011 – Javea (The Last, Last Walk of the Season)

Today’s walk was a bonus, we should have finished the spring season last Monday.  But because it was overcast and cool Pat suggested we meet today for a “short walk” from Javea harbour.
 There were nine of us, which is pretty good considering most of the group are on holiday or back in UK for the summer

 After climbing to the lighthouse, we walked to the windmills.   We were surprised to find that there has been considerable renovation, and new tourist information about the windmills, including a description in English.
There was no shade at the windmills, so we did not have lunch here.  But we did have a short break to enjoy the view.   Then it was on to the shaded picnic area for lunch.
 This is without doubt my favourite view of Javea.   We were impressed when we first visited the windmills during our first year walking with the Monday Club, and it has never failed to impress each and every time we have visited since

We returned to the port down the same path we have climbed up.   Usually we return along the road, but this was a vast improvement.   As for a “short walk”, it was 3pm when we reached the bar – five very hot hours.   Just as well Pat had not planned a “long walk”.

Next Meeting
Our next walk will be on Monday 3 October at 10am.   It will again be Javea, but this time in the Masymas car park near Scallops.  We shall miss the good company and enjoyable walking, and look forward to seeing you all again in the autumn.

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