Friday, 6 May 2011

5 May 2011 – Montgo Iberian Settlements

Monday’s walk was cancelled due to rain – again.   So when we woke to sunshine this morning we decided to do the cancelled walk on our own.   The first part of the walk is through the woods.  Very English looking with the sun streaming through the trees.
Most of the spring flowers were on the wane, obviously past their best.   But this Pyramid Orchid put on a brave show.
We were delighted to be met by our old friend Charlie.   He lives just off the path, and always comes running down the track to greet us.  I am sure he does the same with all the walkers, not just us.  He seems to love the company, and always seems to know where we are going. 
At our first stop he makes a great fuss of Jan.   He is very well behaved, and seems well fed.   He just seems to like human company, and going for “walkies”.
The Iberian Settlements are on the lower slopes of Montgo.  It’s a gentle climb, but nothing too difficult.   But the views are just as spectacular as from the top, but without the effort.
We always stop for lunch at the same place.   It is just beyond the ruins of the settlement, and has great views both of the coast and inland.
It’s quite unusual for us to do a “proper walk” on our own, and we were both struck by how quiet it was.   Normally we are surrounded by the chatter of a large group, today it was just us – and of course Charlie.
Then it was back down the hill, with Charlie leading the way.   This part is quite difficult underfoot, with large and very sharp rocks littering the track.   So not much opportunity to look around and enjoy the views.
It’s so peaceful and quiet, that it’s always a surprise to discover how close we are to civilization.   This Moorish style buildings are mostly well established and obviously not at the bottom end of the price range.
Jan is always on the look out for suitable flowers and insisted that I take a photo of this verbascum (we think)
The walk back is a pleasant downhill stroll.   It’s always longer than we remember it, and this time we also got lost in the woods.   Not completely lost, but we did have to back track to find the right path back to the car.

Next  Monday Walk
“Dead Dog” or Alt de Ample.  Leave Jalon on the Bernia road and park on the right just over the first bridge.   Start walk at 10am

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