Tuesday, 31 May 2011

30 May 2011 – Lliber Circuit

11 of us for the last walk of the Spring Season.   Nice to see Wendy again, who has just returned from a caravan holiday.   The weather has started to turn quite hot, and it can be uncomfortable walking.  So Pat choose this shorter walk, which we have not done as a group for two or three years.   Note the black sky – a taste of things to come.
This little chap having his breakfast entertained us as we got our boots on and prepared to walk.   It also prompted Sylvia to tell us about a song she used to sing as a child – something about eating worms!
As the walk started the weather improved, and we had this lovely view towards Jalon.   It’s easy to forget what a lovely valley it is.
When we last did this walk this was a small stream with an unpleasant smell, something to do with the nearby sewage plant.   After the "gota fria" they built a sturdy path which acts as a sort of dam.  And the result was this impressive expanse of pond weed, looking more like a grass field.   The smell has gone and it is a vast improvement.
This part of the walk is alongside a dry river, which was covered in bright oleander
The recent mixture of rain and hot weather seems to have worked wonders on the oleander.

I doubt if Rosemary is going to be very impressed, but for me this was a vast improvement on the much acclaimed Man Orchid on our Foyes Valley walk two weeks ago.

Pat was so impressed by the setting that I was directed to take a photo – which I did without (too much) complaint.   Jan insisted that Peter take one photo with me in it, but there was no sign of it when I downloaded the camera.
This was the last photo I took on this walk.  It was overcast when we stopped for lunch at the not too impressive picnic site near the waste bins.   And as we neared Lliber we could hear thunder, quickly followed by heavy rain.   Fortunately we reached the cars just in time.

Next Week
Meet at the tourist information office in Jalon at 1pm for our end of season lunch.

For those who would like a little exercise we will do a short circular walk to Alcalali.   Start at the same place at 11am and return in time to meet the non walkers for lunch.

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