Tuesday, 24 May 2011

23 May 2011 – Tormos to Campell

 The summer has finally arrived, temperatures in the high 20s today – despite the rain puddles in the car park.   Only 11 of us today, including Tom who is back from his extended holiday in Australia
After an easy start to Isbert Dam and through the rail tunnel, it is a hard climb uphill to Fontilles, then uphill through the woods to the Music House.   By the time we got there everyone was ready for a sit and long drink
Jan and David found a nice shaded spot…
…..Pat helped Mike to cool off…….
 …..Ken went exploring – as always.
There is another climb through the woods to Campell, but we took plenty of water stops.

Just before our lunch stop we reach the font, where Jan and David filled out water bottles with cool running water.
This local didn’t bother with the water bottle – straight from the pipe for him.
Lunch was at the Ermita (church) as always.   The main attraction is this beautiful view of Campell and down the valley to the coast….
…but today we sat around the back of the Ermita amongst the cool shade of the cherry trees.  They were loaded with fruit and everyone picked a few to have with our picnic lunch.
 Then it was downhill all the way back to the cars.
On the way we passed this lovely little foal.  They were in a field with no shade from the sun, and at our approach he moved behind his mother.   Not sure whether it was us or the sun.
It was a relief to reach the bar and the shaded tables.   Jan and I had Fanta rather than our usual Clara (Shandy).  We find it more refreshing when it is so hot.  Most of the male walkers went for something just as cold – but a little stronger.

This was the last walk of the season for David and Rosemary and Colin, who are all back to UK for the summer.   David and Rosemary to their boat on the river.   Colin for some medical treatment.   Hope to see them all again in October.

Next Week
Our last “proper walk” before the summer break will be at Lliber.   Meet as usual on the Jalon side of the village just below the bridge.   Shorter walk than usual, and no doubt as challenging as ever if the temperatures continue to rise.

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