Sunday, 9 January 2011

8 Jan 2011 - Castell de Axia

 Dave and Sue are the owners of Casa Carrascal in Parcent and offer guided walking holidays.   Last year we mentioned that we had started walking in the Pedreguer area, and suggested that it might be suitable for their clients.   They were interested, but it took about four or five months for them to find time to come and have a look.

 They are so busy with their casa rural, and particular their walking holidays, that we do not see a lot of them these days.   So when we do meet there is always a lot of news to catch up on – particularly for Jan and Sue.

 They had not explored this area previously, and were impressed with the variety of scenery and the good paths.   We were pleased that they agreed it would be very suitable to include in their enlarged range of walks.
 We were fortunate to have a sunny day, very suitable both for walking and taking photographs.

 We took our jackets with us, but were soon warm enough to take them off and walk in shirt sleeves.   Its exactly one week since our New Years Day walk in the hills above Rothbury.   What a difference seven days, and walking in Spain rather than UK, can make.

There was a stiff wind when we reached Castell d’Axia.   Cool enough to put our jackets on, but not too cold to enjoy our picnic lunch.   In fact it was so pleasant we were reluctant to start the journey back.

Everyone, including Charlie (their dog), enjoyed the walk.   And a nice coffee con leche in a café in Pedreguer ended the day nicely.  

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