Friday, 7 January 2011

5 Jan 2011 - Denia to Javea

 We have not done this walk for a long time, as it is not very popular with our Monday walking group.   Not sure why, because it includes a level walk along the coast, climb uphill to a tower and then across another level area of gorse to the windmills overlooking Javea.  Lots of variety, and lovely sea and mountain views.
 The walk starts at Denia yacht club and follows the coast for 2-3 miles, with views of the tower all the way
 There is then a steep road climb up to the tower, the only climb on this walk but quite a stiff one
 But the view at the top is well worth the climb
 After a short rest we set off across the bracken covered area which always reminds us of walking in Scotland.
 We soon pass this abandoned urbanization.   The building was stopped because there was no planning permission.  That was about 15 years ago, and the half finished buildings have been an eye sore ever since.  There are even piles of cement bags which have broken open and set hard.   When I see it I always think of the lost dreams of prospective buyers who lost their deposit and their chance of life in the sun.

After a pleasant walk we reach the deserted windmills overlooking Javea
 This is the first view we ever had of Javea, and it remains my favourite.   A lovely place to sit and have our picnic lunch in the warm mid day sun.
We then retrace our steps back to the tower…..
…..and along the coast back towards Denia
 There are a number of café’s along this stretch of coast, but we usually stop at this one.  It is the nearest to Denia, and slightly more than half way back to the yacht club and our car.
 It’s not the cheapest cup of coffee on the coast, but it was well worth it to have the opportunity to rest our weary legs…..

…..and to enjoy the sea views.

Lovely day for a lovely walk.   It was also nice to walk on our own for a change.   We must not leave it so long before we repeat this walk again.

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