Wednesday, 4 January 2012

25 Dec 2011 – Christmas at Rothbury

 Once more we spent Christmas and New Year at Rothbury.   No snow this year, in fact most days were bright and sunny.   But very cold.
Christmas morning started early with present opening.   Jack, of course, got the lions share of presents.
Closely followed by Georgia, who also had a large pile of presents.   However she really preferred tearing off the wrapping paper and making the sitting room as untidy as possible.
 Stuart also did quite well.   He bought Jack TWO remote controlled cars.   This was so that Jack could race them, not so that Stuart would also have one to play with.
Jan was not forgotten, her presents included three bags of her favour humbug sweets.
 After lunch Stuart could not wait to race his remove control cars with Jack.
Boxing Day found us all at the local park so that Jack and Stuart could play with their cars again.
It was another sunny and bright day, but once more very cold.
Georgia loves walking and only needs a little help from dad and granddad
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