Saturday, 13 August 2011

13 Aug 2011 – Parcent Fiesta

Hard to tell from this photo of a deserted Parcent, but the annual fiesta is in full swing.   It all happens at night, usually very late a night.   In the past week we have been treated to very loud music each night, from about midnight to 6am.   Even though we live outside the village, it is still loud enough to ensure a sleepless night.
Today is children’s day.   The village square was transformed into a play area for small children.   Behind the camera is a large portable stage for the nightly disco.

We were quite surprised that there were so few children, but perhaps their parents were sleeping off last nights disco.
The fiesta is a celebration of the “coming of age” of the village teenagers.   The home of each “festeros” is decorated and the road painted.   As you walk around the village you can see the faded decorated pavements and street.
This is a particularly impressive example.
Another square was closed for the children’s tennis match.   Not a lot of spectators, obviously another example of recovering from last night’s entertainment
In previous years the decoration seemed to be more traditional, hand drawn with name, year and perhaps a flower or similar.   This year Lightening McQueen seemed to be particularly popular, and many seemed to be very professional.

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