Saturday, 14 May 2011

11 May 2011 – Foyes Valley

 Its some months since we last walked with CBMW, but this is a lovely walk which we have not done for about three years
 The walk is from Castell de Castells to the spectacular rock arch in the Foyes valley.   We expected this walk to attract a very large group, but there was only 29 which is reasonable for CBMW.

 Very colourful as always, and lots of opportunities for pretty photographs
 After an hour we got our first sight of our objective, but it would take almost as long again to reach it.

 Peter Greig led the walk, and set a very comfortable pace.   He also allowed frequent water stops, which were needed as it was such a warm day.
 This seems to be a particularly good area for poppies, we did one of our first walks with CBMW from Castells and we always remember the bright colours.
 Having missed our Monday Group walk this week, we were both feeling in need of some fresh air.  And what better way to achieve that aim.
 Not everybody wanted to visit the arch, so we were able to leave our haversacks with those who had seen it before.
 Its quite a short detour to the arch, and well worth the extra efforf
 I would think that this is one of the most photographed locations on any of the CBMW walks.
 Thanks to David for taking this one
Then it was back to the haversacks and a well deserved picnic

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