Tuesday, 18 January 2011

17 Jan 2011 - Granadella

 Since we returned from UK we have had blue skies and warm sun every day, however this morning was grey with a heavy sea mist.   However that did not prevent us doing this lovely coastal walk.   There were nine in the group this morning – Jan was a notable absentee.   Last Saturday she fell quite badly on our Pedreguer walk, and bruised her back.  Then she did the Bernia walk last Monday, and made it even worse.   She went to our local GP on Tuesday and has spent most of the week in bed.   So no walk for her today.

There was no break in the heavy mist as we climbed the hill leading to the coast.   This is normally an impressive part of the walk, with lovely views of the coastline.  But not today.   We are quite spoiled walking here, and are quick to complain when weather conditions are less than perfect.
 The under growth seemed particularly high, but did not hide the misty views of the coast ahead.
 Our first stop was this ruined fort.  It was built to defend the area against Moorish pirates in 1740, and was destroyed by the British some 80 years later during the Napoleonic Wars.   It now provides a romantic spot, with lovely sea views, to have a short break.
 Although a signed foot path, this stretch is not quite up to UK coastal paths.   A lot of work has been done in recent years to improve the path, including this chain to help walkers over one particularly bad patch.
 Quite soon we come within sight of Granadella beach, where we will have our picnic lunch.
Just before we start to descend to the beach there is another difficult section, but this time we have the use of solid wooden handrails.
 This is normally a very popular beach, but today we have it all to ourselves.   No doubt due to the still overcast weather.
 I should say that we had to beach to ourselves – almost.   The exception was this cheeky sea gull.
 I was seated on a ledge over the sea to have lunch, and I dropped a sandwich in the sea.  The tide swept it under the ledge, and the gull was too nervous to come and get it.   He kept coming closer and closer, but eventually gave up.   Ken, who is soft as the rest of us, went down to fetch the bread out of the water, and threw it towards the gull.  From the speed with which he ate it he obviously likes ham and bread – but he was not so keen on the gherkin which he refused to eat.

Then the long walk back to the cars.   The sun did make an appearance, but only a very short one.   Despite this a very enjoyable walk.

Next Week

Montgo and the hidden valley.   Up to the cross if weather permits.   Meet at Los Lagos at 10am.

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